The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me?

There is nothing more inspiring as a mentor/coach than to watch young ambitious talent take that fearless leap in their career.

Listen, playing time doesn't come easy in this business and given the opportunity, you jump and head's up, it's gonna be far from perfect and that's cool.

When you grow up in a house with a Father who was an All-State athlete, every day included a life lesson. The most memorable was a focus on the importance of playing time, reps.

He instilled that playing time on the No 2 or No 3 team would have significantly more long term benefit than sitting on the bench of the No 1 team.

Getting rep's on the desk or studio stand ups, live hits, or breaking news is critical to the trajectory and length of your career runway.

Young rock star Morgan Parrish didn't complain about her 2am Saturday wake up call because it means she's getting reps, honing her craft, and preparing for that next move up.

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Quote: Ayn Rand

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