Two Questions That MUST Be Answered In Every Interview .... Can They? Will They?

"Can they? Will they?" Literally two questions the hiring manager must answer in the recruiting and interview process. Clearly we spend way too much time on the 'can' and largely neglect the 'will'.

It's a classic example of nature vs nurture. We teach the 'can' but when we try to instill 'will' in an unwilling participant it's largely futile. The challenge gets even greater across generations when Boomers and Millennials debate the definition of 'will'.

At TalentBlvd we get the 'will' out of the way early. It comes down to a question of hunger and will talent make an investment in themselves. Our clients can attest that very early in the process we have a team ZOOM screen and there WILL be homework. We answer the 'will' question upfront.

This is why we like young talent like Shaquille Omari (check out Shaq at He'll tell you he wants more reps. It's going to take a small investment but it will have a significant payoff because he 'will' invest in himself and quite frankly, he has presence and we can't teach presence.

If you are a MMJ trying to move up market you had better come to that interview prepared with examples that support you 'will' crush that opportunity so your future employer 'will' invest in your toolbox.


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