Which Do You Put First, Career or Marriage?

The question, which do you put first, career or marriage?

My answer: "When it comes to your career, walking with a partner in the dark and difficult times is better than walking alone in the light of your success."

The reality is that they aren't mutually exclusive. My career took off because of the unconditional support of my partner and my marriage was enriched by the opportunities afforded to us by my career.

Think about how they are ever-changing......

Career: I've had 18 different jobs across seven different companies and industries (I'm sure she thought I couldn't keep a job)

Marriage: We joke that we've been married for one year, thirty six times. Relo's, jobs, kids, school, etc. Our personal lives change as much as our professional.

The takeaway is that you approach both with your eyes open and understand that today's summer of love can quickly turn into a winter of frigid darkness, both personally and professionally.

But no worry, spring is always around the corner and spring always brings HOPE.

On this date, it's been 13,140 days and can't wait for the 13,141st.

quote: Helen Keller / TalentBlvd

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