Why Not Me?

The face of Multimedia Journalism has changed and the COVID pandemic is a tipping point with no return to the traditional 'push' model. The new breed have tools in their career tool box rarely seen ten years ago.

Creating content on the fly with laptop, tablet or phone isn't the anomaly anymore. It's not the expectation. Experience as an intern in a large market newsroom or a degree from a top 10 J-school isn't carrying the weight it used to. The path is now blurry and when things become blurry, everything looks the same.

Take digital content creator, producer, and host with years of newsroom experience Shameika Rhymes. She's creating a path would not be considered traditional by old school ND's, maybe even scoffed. That said, it's her mad skills developed outside of the newsroom that's been catching the attention of those managing progressive multi-channel outlets.

Caught the attention of TalentBlvd too and we needed to get her on the site TalentBlvd.com

Takeaway: Shameika represent a breed that doesn't wait for their turn, she represents the future of an industry in the midst of insane channel disruption. I'm confident she wakes up in the morning, looks in the mirror and says "why not ME?"

At TalentBlvd we ask "why not?"

Come follow a movement: https://lnkd.in/eqqbn7F


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