You're Not Done, Today is Day One!

It's Friday afternoon. You are stunned. Your vocabulary now includes terms like 'Pay, No Play' 'COBRA' 'RIF' 'Reduction In Force' and you're presented a lengthy legal separation agreement with a deadline attached to it.

You're Not Done, Today is Day One!

The very first thing you should do might come as a surprise. Slow down. You need to slow everything down. Your natural reaction is a bit of panic and you start making phone calls, sending out emails, and pounding the "Easy Apply" button trying to replace what you've just perceived to have lost.

The reality is that you're not ready, you're not properly packaged. Your reel and resume are stale, you don't have a 'reason for leaving statement' and your social media is a hot mess and your brand looks like a commercial for booze and bikinis.

You also need to call your agent to get help working through your separation agreement. They need to explain options and your career strategy moving forward. If you don't have an agent message me and we'll walk through options.

In the meantime, check out this article:

"Today is Day ONE! Are You Going Where Your Career Could Be or To Where It's Been?" at

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